Success Stories

The WEIV Reproductive Health programme is supporting women to make substantial improvements in their lives

This is the success story of Nilu Kumari of Kanausi village, Guraru. She is twenty-one years old and was educated to  a pass in twelfth year. She has been attending regular meetings of the Adolescent Girl’s Group in her village. Due to this, she has become well aware of sanitation and hygiene practices, the importance of adolescent health, as well as the negative effects of child marriage and early pregnancy. She was married at 19 years of age and delivered first baby after 21 years of age, due to the awareness and understandings she received through the WEIV program regarding adolescence and family health. Her baby is healthy and she is also healthy and happy with her family.

This is the success story of Rishu Kumari of Anantpur village, Guraru. She is sixteen years old and studying in twelfth grade. She has been attending regular meetings of the Adolescent Girl’s Group and due to this, has become very much aware of the detrimental effects of child marriage and early pregnancy and the advantages of marriage after 18 years and pregnancy after 21 years. Her father Dwarika Yadav wanted her to be married at this young age of 16 years, but Rishu opposed for this. She talked to her father and mother about the worst effect of child marriage and with the help of WEIV staff member Premlata, her father has agreed for Rishu’s marriage be postponed for some years.  Now Rishu is very glad and studying happily.

This is the success story of Sunita Kumari, wife of Dilip Kumar, of Sondiha village, Guraru. She is 22 years old and completed BA. She was married in 2015. She is an active member of a WEIV Newly Married Women’s Group. She always attends the meetings of this group conducted by our Animator, Sunita Devi. Due to her participation in regular meetings, she is fully aware of the worst effects of pregnancy before 21 years of age, vaccination and balanced diet of pregnant and lactating mother. She has made her husband and guardian aware of the importance of pregnancy at the right age, so they have used family planning measures to avoid early pregnancy. She gave birth to a son on 19 April 2018 and both are well and healthy. She is having her son vaccinated and caring for him properly.