Literacy Centre Programme
WEIV is operating 7 Literacy Centres for illiterate adolescent girls aged 8 to 14 years who are not in the education system because their families need them for domestic work, to help work on the land, or in other ways earn money for their family. They come from the poorest families and no fees are charged.

Programme Aim:
For disadvantaged Schedule Caste girl students aged 8 to 14 to learn Hindi reading and writing, plus basic English and basic arithmetic.

Factors prevailing against education of girls:
* Poverty
* The girls are generally engaged in home duties
* Girls are often engaged in agricultural work to support their family
* Parents do not value education – they themselves are generally illiterate and un-educated
* Girls traditionally marry young and move into their husband's family home, so parents see no need to educate them.

A two year commitment is required to educate the girls in basic Hindi/English/Arithmetic. Most are interested in English, but Hindi is the main learning medium.
After attending the Literacy Centre, it becomes possible for the girls to gain admission at Standard 2-3 at regular school, although the potential age discrepancy with mainstream students is a potential barrier for older students.

Classes are held from 10am till 2pm, enabling girls to complete family chores prior to coming and after leaving the Centre.

Some girls attend classes, so then other girls become interested.

WEIV has engaged tutors to coach the senior girls in cultural studies and advanced mathematics for those of them who are transitioning into the government school system.