Women's Empowerment in Indian Villages (WEIV)

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* ARD believes in the philosophy that to empower a single woman is to empower the society in turn.

1. Social Empowerment:
Social empowerment forms an integral component in the programmes delivered by WEIV. Issues relating to Health, Literacy, Basic Human Rights, Domestic Violence, Right To Information and Child Rights are addressed.

2. Economic Empowerment:
Income Generation Activity (IGA) has to date been one of the major strategies used by WEIV through which the women themselves have striven to be self-sustaining and able to become self-dependent.

3. Political Empowerment:
ARD strives to create a platform where these “most vulnerable women” can move forward together through their increasing capacity and bargaining power and can thereby fight for their rights and entitlements themselves.

Women's empowerment initiatives are the focus of WEIV's working strategy. WEIV strives to work with a rights based perspective to transform the lives of women, with a working focus on gender equality and justice.